Alternative Investments – Redefining Diversification

Redefining Diversification

There is no doubt that market events of the past few years shook the belief system of investors as a perfect storm of variables led to high volatility and underperformance.

So what should investors do? We suggest it is time to revise what it means to be broadly diversified. As part of a thoughtfully constructed portfolio, alternative investments have the potential to provide high profit returns and could even reduce risk because they are less likely to move in tandem with stocks and bonds.

Fortunately, financial innovation of the past few years has made alternatives even more widely accessible through investment such as PAMM account. Please take your look at Monitoring page to see our product based on PAMM account that fits your overall asset allocation plan and risk profile.

 What are "Alternative Investments"?

Simply put, alternative investments are just that – alternatives to traditional stock and bond investments based on the fact that they tend to behave differently in a portfolio. Many think of PAMM account as a single asset class or strategy, when in fact this is not the case. PAMM accounts of alternative investments can provide access to sophisticated investment opportunities that cross asset classes, broaden diversification and offer the potential for enhanced returns.